Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating system

An additional system we offer to your overall heating solution is the installation of an Underfloor Heating System. Although the oldest form of central heating (it has been around since the Romans), it is, ironically, very well suited to today’s requirements for low-energy, low cost, sustainable heating solutions.

Research has shown that people feel more comfortable when they experience warm feet and a cold head. These conditions are produced naturally with underfloor heating, creating a gentle feeling of warmth throughout your home.

Also, you will find that temperatures can be set lower than with other conventional heating systems, making underfloor heating more energy efficient and cost-effective.

Another great advantage is that an underfloor heating system goes hand in hand with a heat pump installation, as underfloor heating circulates water at lower temperatures, thus improving the heat pump efficiency, which in turn, again brings your running costs down.